We no longer require signature upon delivery. Please place your livestock into your tank as soon as your order arrives.

Packages shipped to a UPS hold facility must be picked up within the first 3 hours of opening or guarantee is void.

We do not refund or credit any shipping costs unless the carrier has failed to deliver the package on time and has issued Blue Seas Aquariums a credit.

Our Live Arrival Guarantee applies to online orders only.

Our Live Arrival Guarantee does not apply to in-store pickups.

Delays due to weather, mechanical failures, etc. which result in loss will not be covered under our Live Arrival Guarantee.

We are not responsible for errors in acclimation, general care (over or under lighting, water flow, water chemistry, temperature, or inter species coral aggression).

Appearance of corals (size, shape, color, polyp size) will vary from tank to tank due to different lighting, water flow and water conditions. We try to provide an accurate representation of the coral in the photos and description, however, we are not responsible for differences in color, shape or size due to various tank conditions.

Canceled orders before being shipped are subject to a 10% restocking/cancellation fee.

DOA credits will be applied in the form of store credit. Store credit cannot be used for shipping charges, we do not cover shipping charges.

No refunds on livestock. 


If you experience a loss:

If any of your livestock arrives dead, you must e-mail us with a clear image of the deceased livestock within 4 hours of the delivery time posted by UPS.

If your livestock becomes unattached and is missing, we will not provide a credit. It is your responsibility to provide proof of the deceased livestock.

Please do not discard the livestock without Blue Seas Aquariums authorization; doing so will void the guarantee.

Please do not ship the livestock back without notifying Blue Seas Aquariums as this will void the guarantee.